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Since our foundation in 2019, Star Fort has grown with a singular mantra: "Find the fun and make it last." With a dedicated team, we’ve emerged as a comprehensive full-development and Games as a Service studio, crafting experiences across platforms, be it mobile, PC, or console. Harnessing both the Unity and Unreal engines, our expertise spans a full suite of development capabilities, from art and design to engineering and monetization.

Understanding players and defining core experiences are crucial. Our portfolio, boasting titles like "Dungeoneer!", "Infinity Table", and our teams' collaborations on "FIFA Ultimate Team" and "McDonalds Happy Studio", reflects our commitment to immersive gameplay. Specializing in game design, live services, and monetization, we guide games from conception to enduring success.

Our approach is unwavering, rooted in our foundational beliefs. Every game is a universe we meticulously explore, ensuring every pixel and design decision resonates with our core mantra. It's this relentless pursuit of lasting fun that positions Star Fort as the trusted partner in gaming journeys.

Delve into our expertise and discover why Star Fort is different. Here, fun isn't fleeting—it's nurtured to last a lifetime.


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Interview with Lindsay Blenkhorn Daggitt
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Lindsay Blenkhorn Daggitt
Star Fort Studio Head
Toma Feizo Gas
Star Fort Studio Director of Art
Robert Warren
Star Fort Studio Director of Game Design

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