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Established in 2022, A7 Austin quickly planted its roots in the vibrant gaming landscape of Texas. Our inception was marked by an unwavering commitment to excellence, and we've grown rapidly ever since. Today, our team is composed of adept professionals, proficient in disciplines ranging from art and design to engineering, QA, and production.

Though our expertise spans a broad array of genres, our heart lies with fighting and adventure RPG games. This passion drives our work, leading us to create games that captivate and resonate. Our mastery over tools such as UE5 and Unity, combined with select proprietary engines, has been central to the creation of landmark titles, including "Ghostbusters" and "Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2."

A significant milestone for our Austin studio is the active development of our first Proprietary IP, "Dawn of Fire." This ambitious project, already funded, embodies the collective spirit and talent of all our studios. Every discipline, and every studio contributes to breathing life into this magnum opus, showcasing the collaborative might of A7.

The true essence of A7 Austin, however, is captured not just by the games we produce but the bonds that underpin them. Our team's collaboration stretches back to 2016, fortifying over seven years of shared experiences and memories. With each project, we don't just craft games; we weave narratives of passion, precision, and partnership.


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'TMNT" & "The Force Unleashed"
interview with Dan Borth and Kris Taylor
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Ghostbusters Reimagined
Interview with Dan Borth and Kris Taylor
Coming Soon
'The Force Unleashed'
interview with Dan Borth and Kris Taylor
Coming Soon
Thor: God of Thunder
interview with Dan Borth and Kris Taylor

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Dan Borth
A7 Austin Studio Head
Kris Taylor
A7 Austin Art Director
Martin Taramasco
A7 Austin Studio Director of Production
Joel Manners
A7 Austin Studio Director of Production
Audrey Franklin
A7 Austin People & Culture Manager

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